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The interesting thing about adult friends (click here to search for a fuckfriend) is that a lot of guys think that they’re just sex partners. While it is true that these are the types of women that you can stick your dick into without feeling that they emotionally own you or that they can impose emotional commitments on you, looking at this relationship from a purely physical perspective is simply selling yourself short. You’re leaving a lot of benefits on the table if you just think that an adult friend is really just a cheap, easy way to get sex.

There’s a lot more value in adult friends. Not only can these friends hook you up with business and professional opportunities they can also be great sources of emotional support. Again, I’m not talking about romantic commitments here. I’m not talking about having a girlfriend or a wife. I’m not talking about that at all. I am talking about just having somebody to comfort you when you’re feeling down. I’m just talking about having somebody who worries about you if they don’t see you online for long stretches of time. It’s nice to have somebody who cares, right?

Well, you need to wrap your mind around this concept because adult friends can be tremendous personal assets. They really can be. Another benefit that you get from adult friends is that by and large they are open-minded people. It’s not uncommon for a guy that has two female adult friends to talk to those two female adult friends to start eating each other’s pussy in front of him and put on a nice show. Isn’t that a nice little benefit? I know that many guys fantasize about girl on girl action. But really that’s just a pretext for them to show up at lesbian sites and jerk off at the girl on girl material. I’m not judging that at all. I’m saying that’s okay if that’s your thing. But if you really want your girl on girl fantasies or your other sexual fantasies to become a reality, you might want to consider developing adult friends and sex buddy relationships the right way.

Be friends first, but start it with the assumption that it can turn physical later on. That’s how you play the game. That’s how you avoid unnecessary bullshit and drama. You engineer the friendship with a door open to a physical dimension early on in the game.

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