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If you find that thong slices ass divine wait until you see Carmella from the front. This blonde MILF has a huge rack of tits with incredible puffy nipples!

MILF Thong Hunters go out into the wild city streets looking for MILF wearing sexy thongs. Once they locate a target they ask them to come back to the office for a questionnaire on women’s lingerie. For scientific purposes of course. Ahem…

At 26 Carmella has already made her man happy with two kids, but who is keeping Carmella happy? That is where the MILF Thong Hunters come in. During her interview questions got deeper and deeper and it because quite obvious to everyone in the room that this bitch wore thongs to attract attention!

Well, she got her attention. Undivided attention by a couple of guys willing to show this MILF a good time. As it turns out Carmella’s pussy is just as beautiful as her tits! Oh, and her face isn’t half bad either…

Check out and see why even after popping out a kid or two these luscious ladies deserve another look!

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Guys, what is pussy? Really, what is it?

Pussy is a piece of meat and like all meat it should be Aged and Seasoned to perfection before eating. In the free gallery above you are treated to a perfect specimen of Aged and Seasoned meat.

Seriously… If my wife ends up looking that the babe above when we are 50 I will die a happy motherfucker. Literally a mother – fucker.

I have had a special spot in my heart and my cock for older women ever since I was a boy. The next door neighbor lady used to sit out at her pool all day long during the summer and I used to sit glued to my upstairs bedroom window from noon to four at night.

Did I masturbate? FUCK YEAH I MASTERBATED!!!

I mentally hit that shit on a daily basis. My friends all thought I turned into a bookworm or something. Well, they got the worm part correct!

One day my cougar MILF next door decided to get frisky with herself. She looked around to make sure no one was watching and she squinted trying to get a good look at my window. With the sun glaring off of it she couldn’t see inside. I think she ultimately figured it was the summertime so I must be outside and not in my room.

She treated me to some MILF masturbation. I hadn’t seen a pussy except in my brother’s porno mags so I didn’t know much about what she was doing or touching other than it made her feel like I felt when I stroked my cock to the site of this MILF babe.

It didn’t take her more than five minutes to finish and by then I had already finished too… twice!

I started thinking… What if I got my mom and dads video camera and taped her? Would she ever do that again outside? I had been watching my MILF next door for weeks and this was the first time she ever did that. I went ahead and bought a tape and got the camera ready just in case she did it again.

Sure enough, she did do it again a week later. My dad is a camera freak or buff or whatever you wanna call it. So he had plenty of lens attachments for his video camera and I was able to zoom right up to the crotch of this cougar.

This time when she was running her hands in her pants she was also reading a book. I zoomed into the title and it was a sex book! I couldn’t tell what it was about specifically, but she sure did enjoy it.

Unlike last time, this time she pulled her boobs out of her bathing suit top. She rubbed her finger tips over her nipples and appeared to get really turned on by it. Her hand found her pussy and after a bit she pulled her bathing suit bottoms out of the way too!

I could see her pussy plain as day through the video camera!

Her pussy was shaved except for a strip of hair I would later learn was called a landing strip. She occasionally rubbed a finger across her vaginal opening to get some pussy juice and then worked that into what I would later learn was her clit.

I had always assumed girls stuck things inside themselves to masturbate since my cock was shaped like a stick. If I am pretending my hand is her pussy, she must be pretending her fingers are my cock right? Wrong…

I was actually BUMMED out by her masturbation to some extent. I didn’t quite understand it. What in the fuck was this button she was so feverishly rubbing? Does this mean she is a lesbian and doesn’t like the cock? Not that I wouldn’t mind a video of her and a special friend!

From that point on when ever she would come over to our house to shoot the shit with my mom or borrow something I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I could tell that I made her a little embarrassed.

More of that story later… updates weekly with a new episode. Each episode comes with a video and pics so you can take your time. You can stream the videos or download them to your own hard drive.

The ladies at Aged and Seasoned range in ages from MILF to GIFL. You will find plenty of ladies to meet your needs because they have been open for years. Updating each week for years. Archives of hot MILF waiting to remind you of that special someone from your past.

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