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Back during my high school days I was dating this really nice girl. By nice I mean she put out. If my grandparents knew about her wanton ways I am sure they wouldn’t have referred to her as a nice girl. Little did they know!

Me and this nice girl used to fuck all of the time. Sometimes we would fuck two or three times a day. She had a smoking hot step-mom. Every guy in school wanted to bang her step-mom. This MILF bitch had huge natural tits. She never had any kids so she was a knockout in a bikini. It wasn’t hard to see why her daddy made the trade in this situation.

One day my girlfriend and I were being super honest with each other so I told her I wouldn’t mind fucking her step-mom. At first she was upset out of jealousy. Then she informed me that she had the same fantasy. Now I was the one reeling!


Previously to this conversation she had informed me that she was open to having another girl join us in bed. She had a few friends in mind too. Mostly they were either girls she had already had sex with that were into me or girls she thought were hot. Now she was telling me she was masturbating to the idea of having her step-mom lick her pussy while I was fucking the MILF slut in the ass?

For me a discount of up to 74% off doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch of the imagination. I had my experiences growing up, you had your own. Is it that far fetched? We have all thought about this kind of thing. At least this site lets you entertain the idea without doing anything too crazy.

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When it comes to slamming a bitch up the ass with a fat cock nothing beats doing so with a fake tits MILF. She has been around the block and back. She knows the ins and outs, lets just say… Unlike her daughter she doesn’t mind it rough or having her asshole gaped.

Check out the fully prolapsed asshole on this slut. Then notice how fucking proud she is about having it that wide open. Dumb cum slut!

This video is almost twenty minutes long. You can watch it for free along with hundreds more free MILF pornos. There are dozens of categories including mature for those that like to fuck raisins over grapes. The site is called Fap Lot and it updates often so keep going back for more.

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