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All you need to be is a young, hung stud with a bulge in your pants. Carefully position yourself within the midst of a horny cougar, and make a subconscious move like taking an assertive male stance with your hands on your hips and your fingers pointing in the direction of your cock to draw her lusty eyes right to it. Being the receptive female that she is, she’ll subconsciously reflect on what’s going on just below her own hips and feel her pussy craving to be stuffed. Next thing you know, you’re being Seduced By A Cougar.

Sure, you started it, but as the elder in the situation, it’s her responsibility to make the first conscious move and lead the way. All you have to do is follow the leader, my friend. Besides, it’s a pretty amazing feeling to allow yourself to be taken care of by a sexy older woman. If you’ve already had this experience, congratulations you lucky SOB. If you haven’t yet, continue to work on your subconscious moves. If you keep hitting walls, you may need to try a different woman because she’s not into it, or try placing yourself in a location with her that’s more comfortable.

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