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With all of the advances in technology today I am wondering if MILF cougars are getting laid more and more often or not. If you think about it they should be. Back in my day they would have had to call your house to talk to you. Sure your mom wouldn’t suspect anything with a good cover story once, but several times a week?

Now a cougar MILF can just text you or send you an Email. Shit, she could even make a sexy video like the one above and send that straight to your phone or a private video sharing account. Who needs porn when there are so many fucking cougars out there?

OK, it is time for me to stop ending my paragraphs with questions. The answer to that last question is… YOU! While there are plenty of cougars out there you can’t get one unless you are a cub. You also have to be in the right place at the right time or have a networked relationship with cougars as a main component. If either of those fails you still have an outlet for these kinds of videos.

GF sex videos featuring women of all ages, shapes and sizes are yours to stream to your hearts content. Who knows? You might even find one of your neighbors on there!

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The Internet has come a long way, baby!

Back when I got my first computer it has a 1200 baud modem. To download just the image above would literally take hours. Of course back then no computer could display that picture. We only had 16 colors!

Just to give you an idea of what porn looked like back then I went ahead of modified that picture to look like it would have back in my day.


Guess what though? We jacked it to that disgusting image all the same. We didn’t care. It was better then conjuring up the same fantasies in our heads over and over again. We would set our software to download the set of fifteen or so pictures and by morning we’d have five or six of them. Some jerkoff food before going to work!

These days you guys have it easy. You expect to download a video in real time so you can watch it while it downloads. You expect the videos to be crystal clear. You also expect them to be free!

Well guess what? You can get free porn with hot MILF porn stars like Courtney Cummz above at!

Yeah… The Internet has come a long way and I can only image what the future will hold!

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Right now you could be enjoying some big tits MILF cams on an elite site like this sex cam chat. What makes a cam site elite? It starts with having the hottest performers the industry has to offer and it ends with them knowing how to make you feel satisfied.

After all, what could be more satisfying than burying your face into a MILF babes heavenly rack of mammary flesh?

There are hundreds of hotties on the site, but I like the older ones and I prefer anything D-Cup and up. So finding BarbieXgirl was easy. Her MILF tits practically reached out of my monitor and slapped me in the face!

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PerfectCam - SANDRA_B's Profile

I love my wife, but she never wants to have sex anymore. On top of that she hasn’t worn something this sexy since our wedding night. I don’t want to cheat on her with some hooker that might give me a disease to bring home. That is why I use the perfectcam live sex cams. I can spend some quality time with hot babes like Sandra_B, then spend some quality time with my wife watching the late show and everybody is happy.

At any given time there may be over 200 hot MILF cam models online for you to choose from, but I have a thing for Sandra_B. When you join they alert you when your favorite models are available to chat. My wife thinks my phone is going off because work is calling. Lucky for me she doesn’t come into the office when I am “working”. LOL!

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