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I couldn’t take my eyes away from this hardcore milf and for good reason. Here I was doing the deed over at pornkai and she decides that it is time for her to get my attention and keep it. To be honest it didn’t exactly take much, not when you have a milf as sexy as she is begging for it.

She had what my cock was begging for and best of all it wasn’t going to take long for her to want it all. I could plainly see just how worked up and ready for it she was. Her pussy was dripping with desire and I wanted to nail it as deep and as hard as she could take it.

Making my moment count I didn’t set about wasting any time at all. I wanted her milf pussy and no doubt it was there for the taking. I think the icing on the cake is going to be giving her a load of her lifetime. That should seal the deal and make her never forget why it is my cock that she needs the most. That is how I intend to play the game and I know it is going to be one where I can hit a homerun!

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