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Well, guys, I hope you pay attention to this review.

Today’s lesson is on Deceitful Housewives. It encompasses many of the same truths that dictate why I am not married and don’t foresee myself ever getting married… and here is why:

Truth #1: When the hubby is away, the housewife is at play.

When it comes to this law of marriage, it should be obvious which side of the law you should be on. If it is painfully obvious to you, you are on the wrong side. You are married and you are a working stiff. You might even travel out of town.

Sure, you bang a bitch or two while your wife is at home on the opposite side of the continent. But think about it. She is getting piped by the plumber, the cable guy, her gynecologist, Tony the hairdresser and just about everybody else. And while she is taking dick in every orifice imaginable for free, you are shelling out cash to get laid. Hard earned cash. Leaving a paper trail that bitch at home is going to use against you! She is probably four years shy of getting half.

Truth #2: Banging someone else’s bitch is often so cheap you actually get paid to do it!

I know I said she isn’t paying for sex like your sorry ass, but she is signing up for the premium cable package, using the more expensive hair care products, etc… Anything she can do to appease the stud that is banging your cock hungry wife.

And now you know why I am not married. The world is full of deceitful housewives. I use it to my advantage. I always have. Why do you think I took that job with the cable company? Because it paid well? Well… it does pay me good! With your wife’s pussy!

What is that? You don’t have a wife? Sweet! Grab a membership to Deceitful Housewives and join in the fun. These cock hungry sluts can’t get enough. The more the merrier.

Speaking of more… Members of also get access to their other sites. They mostly deal in niches about MILF banging and big cocks, little twats. Then they get pretty strange too. Fisting, midget sex…. you name it, these people have got it!

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